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Financial Wellness Expert

Founder of Financial Wellness Academy

Experienced Hands-Free Property Investor 

Qualified Financial Advisor

Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents

About Caitriona Ellis

Watch this video to hear why Caitriona may be a good match for your event speaking needs. For all enquiries, please contact Bob at 

Meet Caitriona


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"I have loved working with Caitriona supporting her in developing her speaking business and found her topic and expertise fascinating. So much so, that James Taylor and I invited Caitriona to guest on our LinkedIn Live show. The show received a lot of engagement from the audience and Caitriona was warm and generous with her knowledge and advice. She makes a topic that could be very boring, totally relatable and fun. Yes I said fun. I was so enthused after our interview I took action as soon as we were off air. Thank you Caitriona"

Maria Franzoni

"Catriona Ellis and her really important and topical messages and practical approach to achieving Financial Wellness make her stand out from the crowd from the many competing in the same space. She has the ability to make a potentially complex and perhaps daunting topic for many, accessible, achievable, and bizarrely easy to achieve! She is refreshingly honest, experienced, knowledgeable, and delightfully human and empathetic and leaves one with the feeling : “Even I can do this! I don’t have to have studied economics or accounting!” And, given the bonkers instability that seems to be the lot of the world today, she enables you to feel you are in control of your own economy."

Mary Tillson-Wharton


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Financial Wellness 

Educating and empowering by increasing financial education & literacy

Low-Touch Property Investor

Property Investment in a low-touch way aligned with your goals & values

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