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Caitriona Ellis - Financial Welness Expert

Caitriona: Your Keynote Speaker for Unparalleled Financial Insight.

Elevating Excellence with Dynamic Keynotes, Masterclasses, and In-Depth Programs

Sample Keynote Topics

The art and science of financial wellness!

Is acquiring financial wellness an art or a science? In this keynote, Caitriona outlines the subtle differences between financial wellness and refining the delicate balance of mastering it through the lens of science and also the more intricate art form. Caitriona skilfully demonstrates the difference between the two and how each play a key role in financial wellness.

A tale of two extremes - financial desperation to financial wellness

Caitriona's personal story of triumph from a place of financial desperation is an inspirational one. Her journey has seen her navigate financial desperation, divorce, job loss, bereavements whilst home educating her 3 children and running multiple businesses. She is an ordinary person who inspires others who deeply resonate with the banality of her story.

Wealth - How to get it and how to keep it

It is often thought that once wealth is acquired, that it is a done thing. Experience teaches otherwise. Caitriona demonstrates that whilst in receipt of a generous cushy salary her lifestyle was good but when that disappeared, her lifestyle quality improved significantly. What seems counterintuitive is skilfully narrated by Caitriona as she openly shares the pitfalls that many fall prey to in acquiring wealth and how to keep it.

As a keynote speaker, Caitriona delivers dynamic and interactive content providing the audience with a unique opportunity to redefine the relationship they have with their financial wellness.

Contact Caitriona

Enquiries are through the Bob Strange Speaking Bureau 


Or contact Caitriona direct


Example Talks

How to counteract the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is a source of great stress and anxiety for many right now. It is likely as we head farther into this that this will only grow further in intensity. So is there a way out of this?


Caitriona speaks passionately about how financial wellness is 100% an individual's responsibility. Her approach to the cost of living is no different. She explores with the audience some simple habits they can explore which can change their relationship with money and by doing so lessen the impact of the cost of living and any other financial challenges in the future.


In this talk Caitriona shares 5 simple actions that people can take to minimise the impact of the current cost of living crisis which reduces the associated stress and anxiety and results in the audience feeling empowered and motivated to tackle this head on.

Creating financial wellness regardless of your age, stage or circumstances

Have you ever felt that perhaps you're doomed when it comes to your finances? You don’t earn enough to live the lifestyle you desire for you or your family. You can’t even think about retirement as you reckon you’ll be working til the end. The debt you have in your life is overwhelming. Your money story is a depressing track that keeps playing over and over.


What if there was a simple way to change this narrative?

What if you increase your financial literacy and learned how to do money differently?

What if regardless of your status quo, you found a way to achieve the financial wellness you desire?


In this talk Caitriona passionately shares her own transformation despite the challenges of 1 income, 3 small kids, 2 100% mortgages and a very unhealthy relationship with money. She inspires the audience to take hope that if she could turn her money story around, then you can too.

The legacy of financial wellness to the next generations

How often do you hear people say that they want better for their children or loved ones in the next generation? But do they realise that giving the means but not the know-how can be hugely destructive and a disservice to them.


It is a common occurrence that money is seen as an empowering tool. And it can be. However money without education can cause more problems than it solves. Caitriona shares how financial literacy for the next generation is key to creating a better future for them and generations to come.


In this talk Caitriona shares how hugely powerful the role of financial wellness modeling is in how our future generations deal with money. The audience takes away 3 simple ways they can significantly improve the financial wellness legacy they impart to their own children and next generations.

Impact of retirement gaps and how to bridge them

A huge source of debate currently is how many pension funds have insurmountable gaps for their members. These gaps are likely to never be bridged. How does this impact it’s members? It simply means the pensions they hoped and dreamed off will not be able to provide them with the lifestyle they desired at their retirement. It means they may have to work considerably longer than the retirement age they planned for a long time. It generates sadness and disappointment at lost time, dreams and hopes.


But does it need to be that way? Caitriona wholeheartedly believes that it doesnt. She shares with her audiences that diversification plays a key role in this and she shares openly about her own challenges with this and how she overcame this. She shares the practical approach she applied to solving this conundrum and how for the vast majority of us we have solutions staring us right in the face. But we have never received the financial education to find a solution to this.


In this talk Caitriona outlines a simplistic approach to solving this challenge and guides audiences through the easy steps to identifying a solution to meet their individual circumstances. Caitriona shares how hands-free property played a key role for her personally in addressing this gap. The audience will walk away feeling hopeful that they have a solution to this. They will feel empowered to find a way so they don’t have to sacrifice their hopes and dreams. They will understand that adopting 100% responsibility for this will be key to turning the outcome around on this. 

How to transition from financial desperation to financial wellness

Do you feel that on your current income there is no way out of the current level of financial status you have? Is a pay rise or massive bonus the only way out?


Wrong - no pay rise or bonus is going to change your financial status unless your habits also change. It is other wise a case of rinse and repeat.


In this talk Caitriona outlines 7 key habits which are fundamental to moving from a place of financial desperation to financial wellness. She shares how her investment journey started with €20. Caitriona inspires the audience that simple changes can be fundamental to transformation to financial wellness.


Caitriona is ready and able to deliver both onsite, digital, and hybrid events. She has no specific technical requirements, and will adapt to the given settings and technical set-up provided that she is informed at least two weeks in advance.

Recording of her talks must be agreed in advance.


Maria Franzoni

Speaker Business Academy

"I have loved working with Caitriona supporting her in developing her speaking business and found her topic and expertise fascinating. So much so, that James Taylor and I invited Caitriona to guest on our LinkedIn Live show. The show received a lot of engagement from the audience and Caitriona was warm and generous with her knowledge and advice. She makes a topic that could be very boring, totally relatable and fun. Yes I said fun. I was so enthused after our interview I took action as soon as we were off air. Thank you Caitriona"

Mary Tillson-Wharton

Speaker Coaching & Momentum

"Catriona Ellis and her really important and topical messages and practical approach to achieving Financial Wellness make her stand out from the crowd from the many competing in the same space. She has the ability to make a potentially complex and perhaps daunting topic for many, accessible, achievable, and bizarrely easy to achieve! She is refreshingly honest, experienced, knowledgeable, and delightfully human and empathetic and leaves one with the feeling : “Even I can do this! I don’t have to have studied economics or accounting!” And, given the bonkers instability that seems to be the lot of the world today, she enables you to feel you are in control of your own economy."

Naomi Johnson

The Expert Economy

"Caitronia has spoken at The Expert Economy Friday Networking events twice now and has always engaged the audience well with her insightful content and engaging style. She has a unique story and perspective as it's not your typical 'rags to riches' story that usually includes a variety of variables no one can replicate. Instead, Caitronia's story is like being like most peoples - visibly well off but actually in a position of huge risk. Her story is one of self-honesty and bravery and taking full control and responsibility for her life. She sheds light many incredibly important factors that the average person needs to know and her own results are a testament no only to what she knows, but her absolutely dedication to herself and her family to implement them and change her fate."

Anita Pickersgill

Thornbury Collections

"I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting with Caitriona to the This Girl community.Caitriona has a natural ability to engage people. She has a way of engaging people, encouraging them to think about their finances in a much clearer way, the benefit of planning, secondary incomes.Finance is often talked about behind closed doors, Caitriona helps to open those doors and makes the subject novice friendly."

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