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Elevate your financial wellbeing through education and say Goodbye to money stress

Elevate Your Event with Caitriona: A Financial Wellness Luminary.

Through her academic and personal experiences, Caitriona emerges as a financial wellness authority.

Financial wellness academy – empowering professional women to take control of their money.

Founder of the Financial Wellness Academy

Financial Wellness Academy


Esther Quirk

Mum of 3, full-time employee

Caitriona helped ease the pain and fear of delving deep into our finances. With her guidance, support and reassurance we set up a budget plan and started upon a path to a more secure future.

Michelle Mclymont

Teacher and property investor

Do it, you may not believe that through doing it the universe brings great things your way. I didn’t believe in the universe having an influence on my life but it has.

Glyn Edge

Owner of Snaefell Soaps

I blitzed over £900 of credit card debt and am now investing. Caitriona is down to earth and shares real life challenges which are very relatable.

Kerry Taylor

Travel industry employee

Sign up! You won’t regret it. Caitriona is an excellent teacher who provides great support throughout the program. Simplifying what can be a very difficult and confusing area.

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