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Spot-on keynote about a highly relevant topic; artificial intelligence. Elin was well prepared, with storyline and key takeaways tailored for our domain.

Kartverket / Norwegian Mapping Authority

Highly challenging and engaging keynote on a very important topic; sustainability vs digitalization – we are very satisfied !

Embriq AS

Elin is an engaging speaker. She was the last of three speakers on the same topic, and managed in a very smooth way to adjust to the previous speakers, and complement and round off the topic with relevant takeaways.

Vestfold IT-arena

I was very lucky to have Elin as my coach in the Antler program. She is incredibly inspiring and engaging! She is clear and distinct and a role model for us women.

Margrethe Sandvand

Antler Norway Entrepreneur

Elin talked to us about artificial intelligence. She has a deep knowledge of this and explains to you what this is, and what it entails in a popular way that makes you understand what it takes to get started. Excellent speaker with good communication skills. Recommended!

Roy-Arne Høgestøl,

Then (former) CEO of F5IT

I had the pleasure to receive coaching from Elin thanks to the Antler program. From the very beginning you can feel she’s passionate about helping other people to express their ideas. I had a blast and I learned so much. Thank you, Elin!

Elvis Nuñez - Antler Norway Entrepreneur

I heard Elin talk about leadership in the age of technology at a breakfast seminar. Elin managed, with an excellent presentation, to clarify some key concepts around AI and machine learning and at the same time inspire, reassure and challenge those present (mostly leaders) about how management should be practiced in the future. I think many experienced that this was a useful session.

Nils Martin Simonsen - EGN Norge

I met Elin during the Antler Startup program in Oslo. She coached us in preparation for our pitch to investors of our start-up Surplusmap. She has a fantastic empathetic style of communicating, with contagious high levels of energy, intellectual depth, and business acumen, a rare combination of qualities that help us vastly to deliver an excellent pitch. I look forward to working with her again!

Luis de Ita Maubant, CEO, SurplusMap

As a global speaker I have participated in many conferences and panels – however the one organized and moderated by Elin was truly extraordinary. She assembled a topic notch set of panelists with diverse views, planned and held us accountable to be prepared then moderated the discussion with ease, humor and great insights. I highly recommend her for any panel moderation and planning.

Jennifer Vessels

As a conference organizer I have been very impressed with Elin’s clear, down to earth speaking style. She provides new perspectives to challenging topics while pragmatically explaining AI, eco-systems, digital transformation – all with energy and humor. If you want to educate and inspire your team to think differently, Elin is a perfect choice. 

Jennifer Vessels - Partner, The Future Work Forum

I saw Elin on conference stage in the capacity as a speaker on the topic of AI and opportunity. Elin has an amazing presence and makes intense an intreaguing connections with the audience. She is clear, moves her audience along, and is very well informed on the topic and fully prepared. I must say, as an AI professional myself, Elin’s talk was quite inspirational.

Inge Grini, Founder & CEO Intellectual Labs AS

Elin is an energetic and engaging speaker. She combines personal experience with historical analogies to sketch out contemporary issues. She explains complex concepts with plain language and provides her audience with relevant and memorable examples. Her talk on the topic of “Responsibility and Regulation in AI” was very well received by the course participants of ‘Design Thinking & AI -Life-long learning’ course at NTNU. Looking forward to many more collaborative interactions!

Ashis Jalote Parmar - Associate Professor  at NTNU, Norway


"Caitriona has been helping me look at my whole financial situation. Caitriona checking in for accountability has been really helpful to keep me focused ..."


Owner of Workwell

"I blitzed over £900 of credit card debt and am now investing. Caitriona is down to earth and shares real-life challenges which are very relatable."


Owner of Snaefell Soaps

"Sign up! you won't regret it. Caitriona is an excellent teacher who provides great support throughout the program. Simplifying what can be a very difficult and confusing area. "

Kerry Taylor

Travel Industry Employee & Life Lover

"Do it, you may not believe that through doing it the universe brings great things your way. I didn't believe in the universe having an influence on my life but it has."

Michelle Mclymont

Teacher and Property Investor

"If you want accountability, relatability, and simplicity, then this is for you."

Amanda Alexander

Mum. entrepreneur, and Property Investor

"Caitriona helped ease the pain and fear of delving into our finances. With her guidance, support, and reassurance we set up a budget plan and have started upon a path to a hopefully much more secure financial future for our family."


Mum of 3, full-time employee



Maria Franzoni

Speaker Business Academy

"I have loved working with Caitriona supporting her in developing her speaking business and found her topic and expertise fascinating. So much so, that James Taylor and I invited Caitriona to guest on our LinkedIn Live show. The show received a lot of engagement from the audience and Caitriona was warm and generous with her knowledge and advice. She makes a topic that could be very boring, totally relatable and fun. Yes I said fun. I was so enthused after our interview I took action as soon as we were off air. Thank you Caitriona"

Mary Tillson-Wharton

Speaker Coaching & Momentum

"Catriona Ellis and her really important and topical messages and practical approach to achieving Financial Wellness make her stand out from the crowd from the many competing in the same space. She has the ability to make a potentially complex and perhaps daunting topic for many, accessible, achievable, and bizarrely easy to achieve! She is refreshingly honest, experienced, knowledgeable, and delightfully human and empathetic and leaves one with the feeling : “Even I can do this! I don’t have to have studied economics or accounting!” And, given the bonkers instability that seems to be the lot of the world today, she enables you to feel you are in control of your own economy."

Naomi Johnson

The Expert Economy

"Caitronia has spoken at The Expert Economy Friday Networking events twice now and has always engaged the audience well with her insightful content and engaging style. She has a unique story and perspective as it's not your typical 'rags to riches' story that usually includes a variety of variables no one can replicate. Instead, Caitronia's story is like being like most peoples - visibly well off but actually in a position of huge risk. Her story is one of self-honesty and bravery and taking full control and responsibility for her life. She sheds light many incredibly important factors that the average person needs to know and her own results are a testament no only to what she knows, but her absolutely dedication to herself and her family to implement them and change her fate."

Anita Pickersgill

Thornbury Collections

"I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting with Caitriona to the This Girl community.Caitriona has a natural ability to engage people. She has a way of engaging people, encouraging them to think about their finances in a much clearer way, the benefit of planning, secondary incomes.Finance is often talked about behind closed doors, Caitriona helps to open those doors and makes the subject novice friendly."

Financial Wellness AcademyTestimonials

Esther Quirk

Mum of 3, full-time employee

Caitriona helped ease the pain and fear of delving deep into our finances. With her guidance, support and reassurance we set up a budget plan and started upon a path to a more secure future.

Michelle Mclymont

Teacher and property investor

Do it, you may not believe that through doing it the universe brings great things your way. I didn’t believe in the universe having an influence on my life but it has.

Glyn Edge
Owner of Snaefell Soaps

I blitzed over £900 of credit card debt and am now investing. Caitriona is down to earth and shares real life challenges which are very relatable.

Kerry Taylor

Travel industry employee

Sign up! You won’t regret it. Caitriona is an excellent teacher who provides great support throughout the program. Simplifying what can be a very difficult and confusing area.

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